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Web design / 08 May 2017
3 Components Of Web Design

After thoroughly researching web design for a series of articles, I discovered a common trend. There is a lot of confusion surrounding web design and web development. For you experienced professionals, this may not be a problem, however for the beginner web designer, the fine line between design and development may become blurred from time to time.

This article will be looking at the three main components of web design. Content, layout and aesthetics of the webpage.

  1. Content

 Content is what makes any webpage. It is the articles, the images, the text and everything in between. As a web designer, it is your job to add content, either through coding, or the integration of a content management system, which will give the user the ability to add content themselves.

You will be required not only to add content, but the right type of content, in order to ensure maximum usability. For example, a video on a landing page will make the website slower, therefore you could opt for a simple background image.

  1. Layout

 The layout of any website is extremely important to the usability of the website. A clean, simple layout will be far easier to use than a complex website, that has no clear flow or navigation tools.

However, even though a simple layout will be more user friendly, it can be extremely boring to look at, so find a happy medium between simplicity and beauty to achieve the best result. My advice is to have an unusual design to attract visitors, but to keep a clear navigation bar to enhance user experience.

  1. Aesthetics

 Aesthetics relates to the overall look of the webpage. The colour schemes and fonts used. The style of the content. The type of headings and subtitles. Humans don’t read websites, we scan them for anything of interest.

An aesthetically pleasing website will keep visitors engaged for longer, which means they’ll spend more time on your website, looking around. Once again, be careful not to cram the site with too many visuals, as this can slow the loading time down.

There you have the 3 most common components of web design, there are plenty more, however this outlines exactly what web design is. It’s the way the website looks, not what it does. Processes are a job for web development. Focus on creating attractive looking, user friendly websites to become a successful web designer.

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