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App Design, Web design / 08 May 2017
4 differences between mobile app designing and web designing

You are web developer who is looking to start designing mobile apps then make sure you know the basic distinguishing factor. As long as basics of developments are concerned, then there are surely no mentionable differences. But requirements of designing an app and a website are surely different. In order to come up with an effective app, designer must be able to distinguish its needs from an ordinary website.

Here are the stark differences.

  1. UI has different requirements

First thing about any website or app that a user comes across is the UI (User Interface). Keep it in your mind, that if user finds it simple, easy to use and helpful then he would continue otherwise he would hit esc button and skip. UI should be more simple in the case of app. Reason is that an app is used by people for more direct action, so people would look for a button, or some tool that would directly take them to the right thing.

  1. Both have different content requirements

While designing the websites, one can create different tools, or buttons leading to so many pages. An app is not a website; it usually stores all the single information in one page or behind a single button. So, avoid creating unnecessary buttons while you are designing apps.

  1. Keep in mind smartphone audience

Both apps and websites can operate on systems of smartphone devices. There are certain apps, like whatsapp, that are supported by PC, laptops and other devices. Still, not all the apps can have a web interface. Take an example of the ride hailing apps. Design your apps by keeping in view the needs of touchpad. Make push buttons workable on the finger tap and don’t create a code for mouse and keyboard effects.

  1. Make everything more quick

Apps are overcoming websites, because people don’t have too much of time. They need a quick access to whatever they want. Obviously, an app user is not the one sitting before a laptop or computer for hours. He is more likely interested in getting a task done on the tap of his finger. So, make sure that unlike a website you make the right thing accessible to the user in a first view, or place the relevant push button in front.

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