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App Design, Design / 02 Jul 2017
4 Don’ts of designing a mobile app

Designing an app is easy thing, but making it acceptable and popular is quite tricky. Still it is not impossible. Obviously, the very first thing is you must be familiar with coding languages like HTML, CSS and Java but this is not enough. You have to think the process from the perspective of a marketer and accountant. Reason is that you have to use least costly methods to yield the most profitable results.

Here are the things you need to learn for mobile app designing.

  1. Don’t miss to look at designs of famous apps

This doesn’t imply that you need to start offering the same thing. Actually, you need an inspiration to follow and get guidelines from. There is one thing common among millions of the mobile apps in a smartphone’s play store. They all have something unique to offer. Take an example from the social media portals. You can use both Instagram as well as Facebook, because both have unique experience to offer. Just figure out what uniqueness you can offer.

       2. Don’t prioritize what you think is right

Your developing skills might make you to create wonders. But here a wonder is not what you can make, rather it is what users want, or something that you can make and user love to experience. So, think what can be an app that a smartphone user would love to tap on. Take help from a friend and figure out an actual task that is missing presence in play store.

        3. Don’t try to complicate your design 

Don’t let your app’s design to sound messy for a user. An app loaded with heavy graphic designing is only a burden on the sight. Try your best to keep it simple, friendly, easy to navigate and use worthy.

       4. Don’t use a mismatching colors scheme

Careful use of colors scheme can be a defining feature of a mobile app. This is why designers need to pay much consideration. Analyse the world famous apps and you would hardly find anyone them that has done a mistake in this regard. Usually two contrasting colors are the best way to create an icon and user interface. You can go for more vibrant and dark colors scheme depending upon nature of app. Try your best to not create a wrong combination that betrays your target audience.

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