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App Design, Design / 02 Jul 2017
4 things to know about mobile app designing

We are living in a world powered by apps. There are so many opportunities for mobile app designers who want to earn money by utilizing their skills. As per 2017 forecast, there are 4.77 billion users of mobile phones. Among them almost 2.1 billion constitute the smartphone users. Developing and designing a mobile app implies that you have potential to access a target market of more than 2 billion consumers.

If you are beginner and looking to successfully design your mobile app, then here are important things to know about.

  1. Do a research on your idea

Bringing out a mobile app is no different than introducing a new product in market. After all, you have to provide a solution to some problem. Before you start writing code of your app, make sure that your idea is worth selling. App wouldn’t go useless and people would buy it. For this purpose, do research, talk to your friends whether, they need a particular app that utilizes your idea or not. In short there must be something so unique that people can’t resist to downloading your apps from millions of others available.

         2. Design to beat your competitors

If you have any competitors in the field, then make sure that your design is efficient enough to be more attractive for users. As a case take example of two apps that provide cab services. Just examine which app is more popular among the users. You would find that one that is user friendly and has a simple design is more popular. Keep your design simple so that customers prefer it over your competitors’ product.

         3. Keep navigation easy

If your app needs navigational tools for operation then make sure that they are quite simple. Too much tools, icons or tables would definitely make an app more complicated. In case of apps, related to music or other kind of entertainment usually tools are required. Here, only those apps work best that provide easy navigation, like access to search bar download button etc. So keep these things in mind too while designing.

          4. Create a presentable view

Mobile apps are not like the websites that can be opened on a PC, laptop or tablet. They are always meant for the small screen. So, make sure that you utilize few inches of screen in a wise way, while keeping it simple and useful.

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