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App Design / 08 May 2017
4 Tips for creating a perfect mobile app design

You can reap maximum benefits from a mobile app developed by you, by considering few tips and tricks. 2.5 billion Smartphone users who are growing at rapid pace can’t resist using apps at any level. It is a good idea to hit at this market. Issue is that there are so many people who are looking to present new apps for them, prompting competition for developers.

If you want to design a mobile app and then make it successful, then following certain tips and tricks is necessary.

Here are the tips to create a perfect mobile app design

  1. Make comparison of your design

There are millions of mobile apps present on a play store. You are lucky enough to have a look at their design for making comparison with yours. For the sake of ease, tap on the apps, that provide the same kind of offering like your app. Look for deficiencies, figure out differences and then frame more strong and competitive oriented strategy to make sure that your app takes a lead. In short, a comparative analysis would allow you to make more perfect product.

  1. Focus on a design which is user friendly

A simple design means, to take care of so many things. First, avoid the use of a toolbar. Second, keep your UI (User Interface) more friendlily. Third, never use a perfect colors scheme. Fourth, don’t mess up your app with a complex design.

Look at the popular and most used apps; they have all the above mentioned features in their design.

  1. Minimize typing need

Apps are in use, because they are so easy. If your design demands user to type its requirements too much at all the stages, then it is a big failure. Although, typing is quite easy on a touchpad, still users want everything to control with the tap of finger. Try to use illustrations, options and push buttons as effectively as you can.

  1. Make too many drafts

Don’t be in a hurry. Writing a code for some app and then publishing it on a play store would entitle you for as an app designer, but never guarantee a success. Take your time, experiment with as many drafts as you can to come up with a perfect design. After all, what matters the most is the end product.

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