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App Design, Design / 02 Jul 2017
4 tricks to design a popular mobile app

Requirements for designing any mobile app differ according to its type. Every designer should look for what he is offering and then chalk out a frame work for further development. Still, there is always a general framework to follow that leads to outcome oriented implementation of a task

Here are 4 things to keep in mind while designing an acceptable, popular and ultimately successful mobile app.

  1. Use libraries for creating a hybrid app

Designers can never reap maximum benefit by relying simply on native app or web app. They must use a hybrid app to target more audience. The best way is to use libraries and frameworks that use the CSS, HTML, or JavaScript code to create a perfect hybrid app. In this way, you wouldn’t need to create multiple copies while being able to sell your app for many customers.

        2. Make sure to use the black space

Many web developers prefer using white space as it provides a greater room for designing. Things are quite contrary in case of mobile app development. Keep in view the need of a mobile app user. He would surely need quick access to right information. Using lighter fields against a dark background can serve the purpose best. Reason is obvious, it makes easy for user to concentrate on small screen. This is a difference between web and app development but necessary to keep in mind.

          3. Take help from wireframing

One of the best ways to experience the interaction with your app is wireframing. Technique is quite common for the web developers, but app designers can equally benefit from it. Wireframing an app before its designing becomes more necessary when purpose is user oriented. It helps a designer to interact with an app like an end user and make decisions to make things better

         4. Keep use of touchscreen in mind

Using an app on desktop is different from smartphone. Users rely on taps of fingers, rather than mouse and keyboard effects. Always keep in mind that creating too many tools that may require mouse over effects can be harmful. In a long run it can affect your customers by providing them a poor experience. Do your best to make navigation and use of tools in accordance with ease of users.

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