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App Design, Design / 02 Jul 2017
4 ways to ace the mobile app designing

Mobile app designing is as complex as easy. The reason is quite obvious, increasing demand is giving rise to so many providers resulting in more competition. Question is not how to design a mobile app, it is about how to create the best and perfect one. After all, it is the matter of beating the market.

Expertise and coding skills matter a lot, but there are other things that count the most when it comes to surpassing competitors. A mobile app designer should know what can make his stand distinguished.

Here are the 5 ways one can create a perfect mobile app design

        1. Use the right type of app

There are three kinds of apps; native apps, web apps and hybrid apps. Among these only first kinds is exclusive for a particular system or device, second can be use everywhere but with limitations. The best option remains a hybrid app as it embodies the features of both the previous types. Still, the final decision rests in the target market.

        2. Do research about your target users

If you wish to make some money from mobile app business then this step is essential. Don’t haste to create anything and then throw in play store. If your app is not a solution to some problem, it would go wasted and become useless. Search for the needs, take insights from the people, and look for what kind of app is not present but mobile users want. Only, in this way you can make a unique and worth selling product in the form of a smartphone app.

        3. Don’t create a complicated design

Your aim should be not to offend the user. Mobile app is not a website that has a large interface capable of providing tons of information. People us an app for small, well defined tasks. Don’t create a toolbar, too many typographic options, or complex graphic design; this would result in a mess up view confusing the audience. In short keep it simple and useful.

     4. Never miss the right designing techniques

You must use techniques that help to make for more meaningful product. For this purpose keep in mind certain technical aspects. Like using touch screen effects, darker backgrounds, taking help from wireframes and taking assistance from libraries for hybrid apps.

Finally, act like a user while designing the app, pass it through tests and then publish it on a play store.


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