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Web design, Web development / 09 May 2017
5 Coding Languages You Need to Learn

There are various different coding languages to learn, but with all these different languages to learn, when are you ever going to stop studying and start earning? Here I have outlined the 5 most important coding languages you need to learn in order to start developing your website.

  1. C Language

C programming language was developed in the 70’s and is still one of the most widely used programming languages available. It provides the foundations for many other languages such as Java and Python, making it an absolute essential coding language to learn. It is advisable when learning C, to also learn C++ too.

C++ is used to enhance the C language and is also used in various development systems software, application software and video games.

  1. Java

Java was developed in the 90’s and is used for web based content, games and mobile apps. It is designed to work across various software platforms, meaning regardless of your operating system, Java can be used.

Due to its wide use and versatility, Java is one of the most in-demand coding languages and is usually required throughout the entire industry making this coding language another must learn.

  1. PHP

 PHP is a server side scripting language. It is designed to be used in dynamic websites and app development. Due to the possibility of embedding directly into HTML it is a largely popular choice of language for developers.

PHP is used in over 200 million websites, many of which we all use every single day.

  1. Javascript

Javascript derives much of its syntax from the C programming language. Its use spreads over multiple platforms making it essential for the development of animated web functions. It can also be used in game development and writing applications.

  1. HTML          

Finally we come into HTML, this is the most crucial language to learn during website design and development. This is used to create the entire webpage that you will be viewing. It is a simplified version of SGML which is used for text processing.

Unfortunately not all browsers support HTML and therefore a website that may look fantastic on your browser, may not even be supported on someone else’s, therefore it is unwise to develop your web page for a specific browser.



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