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Web design / 09 May 2017
5 Essential Skills You Need To Learn As A Web Designer

There is more than web design than just inputting the correct colour codes and selecting the correct layout. During this article I will talk about 5 skills you need to learn to become a successful web designer.

  1. Learn How To Sketch

Sketching a design is an important skill during face-to-face meetings with clients. If the client wants to know right there what your site can do for them, you won’t have the time to go away and create a full mock-up of their website design.

It doesn’t need to be a work of art, however you need to be able to show your client on paper, what they’re going to see on the screen. Practice this skill to be able to provide your potential customer something visual at that moment, after all, you don’t want them shopping around whilst you’re busy creating a mock-up.

  1. Learn About Different Devices

 Most of us have had experiences with laptops, tablets, desktop computers and smartphones, however brief. But what we may not have noticed when playing with these devices is the different operating systems and the way programs and web pages respond differently to each.

Be sure to understand these differences and work around them, so regardless of what operating system is being used, the user will get the same experience every time.

  1. Understand Print Design Layout

Yes, that’s right. Print, such as magazines, newspapers and flyers. There is a reason that even now, with the technology available, people are still reading newspapers. That’s because they are familiar with the layout and can easily, and quickly find the information they are looking for.

Humans are creatures of habit, therefore learning the basics of print design can help you create a website that feels familiar to every user, even if it’s their first time visiting.

  1. Photo Editing

As a designer, chances are you’re already familiar with photo editing, however it is surprising at just how many editors lack this basic skill. Advancing this skill allows you to accomplish far more complex designs and consistently deliver high quality, professional looking websites.

The software you use does not matter, what matters is your skill and ability to use the software. Choose something you’re either familiar with, or can use easily for best results.

  1. Basic Copywriting Skills

 I know, you’re a designer, not a content writer. Content usually comes in after design too, so once your job is finished. However having an understanding of copywriting and content will actually enable you to deliver far better quality designs, resulting in a happier customer.

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