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App Design, Design / 02 Jul 2017
5 Things a mobile app designer should keep in mind

Are you going to step into the vast world of mobile app designing? If so, then make sure you know the right things to do for making a mark in this field. There are so many app developers who are expert in software writing languages like HTML, CSS and Java but still fail to give a meaningful product. The reason is that they never pay consideration to the needs of users while designing the product.

Here is how a developer can design an effective app.

  1. Be clear about your target market

Do research about your market as if you are dealing with any other product meant for selling. Beware that a common mobile user can have access to thousands of apps in his smartphone’s play store. You have to give him a reason why to download only your app. For this reason your app must have features that are surely missing in rest of the apps. Coming up with a unique thing is only possible after being familiar with demands of audience.

         2. Add indicators to your app

It Is good for your app to not require much space, or a fast internet connection, but in case it takes too much time in loading then make any arrangement to inform the user. A loading app that shows up a blank or stuck screen can offend any user. Try to add some indicator. Like use a loading sign, so that your user knows what is up to with.

         3. Make you app view more presentable

You have got excellent developing skills; it is good. But utilize them to create a UI loaded with extra graphics and tools. A messed up front view of any app would definitely complicate view for user and he would switch to some other option.

         4. Do experimentation with your design

Don’t be hasty to get done with app designing, especially if you are looking to make money. It is not your college project. Make multiple drafts of the same design and then check them. Publish your app only when you are fully satisfied.

        5. Make navigation easy

Never let simplicity to be out of your focus. If a smartphone user doesn’t know where to go in an app for fulfilling his needs, he would ultimately uninstall this app. Put main navigational tools along with guidelines on UI so that you can enjoy a hassle free experience.

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