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Web design, Web development / 09 May 2017
5 Tips To Be A Successful Web Designer

To become a successful web designer, it takes far more than just having the best set of skills. You could have the most outstanding portfolio, using the most advanced, technical skills known to web development, and still be unsuccessful.

Here are 5 tips to ensure your success.

  1. Learn To Sell

If you can’t sell your service, there is no need for it. You could be giving it away for free, but without the right sales pitch, no one will be interested. The sales pitch just requires you to create a problem, provide a solution and close. Be careful not to make it too long. No one wants to be trapped in a lengthy sales pitch.

  1. Communicate Effectively  

If you’re unable to fully understand what your customer wants, they’re going to find someone who can. Listen to what your client is saying and repeat it back to them in your own words. This shows your customer you understand.

If after several attempts you don’t understand and you see no sign of understanding, do not be afraid to refer that client to someone else. This helps you build up professional relationships, and ensures you stay away from those disgruntled customers.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Object

You are the professional in your field. Your client is not the professional, if you are sure something he requested will not work, or something else could work better, say so. If your client knew everything, they’d be doing this job themselves.

Be sure to object respectfully. Provide an explanation of why the alternative solution you’re providing is a much better option, so the client can decide.

  1. Ask For Critical Feedback

 Feedback from customers, even unhappy customers, shows you where you’re strong and where your weaknesses are. Negative feedback and reviews are crucial for developing. Don’t hide the negative reviews, they give you a feel of authenticity. You can’t please everyone.

Positive feedback allows you to create your unique selling point. Maybe you work the fastest, or have the best customer service. Use it to your advantage.

  1. Keep Learning

 To stay ahead of the game, you need to be constantly learning, constantly practicing and honing your skills. You are a creator, you are the modern day carpenter. Sharpen your tools, practice your skills in order to get ahead.

The web design market is extremely competitive, with companies lowering fees and some even compromising quality for cost. Follow these 5 tips to become

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