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Design, Web design / 02 Jul 2017
Common Web design Mistakes to Avoid

For large, medium and small businesses, a website is an essential tool for marketing and branding. It provides a way to communicate with visitors, promote the business and even sell products and services. When executed correctly, a website can be very effective at achieving goals. However, poorly designed websites have high bounce rates and poor conversion rates. To get the full benefits of a website, effective web design is essential. However, there are common web design mistakes that businesses make that lead to loss of potential revenue. If you want an effective website, here are the mistakes to avoid.

Poor Readability

The font style and text size affect the ease of reading and delivery of the message you you’re your website visitors to have. To look sophisticated, some websites have complex font styles and sizes that unfortunately defeat the purpose of the website, which is to communicate. Good web design places usability and user needs as the priorities.

Unprofessional Design

Some business owners choose to design their website on their own to minimize costs. The result is a poorly designed website that sends a poor image of your business. If you are not a skilled web designer, creating a website on your own is likely not to yield satisfactory results. Hiring a professional and experienced web designer is worth the investment because your get web design that delivers results.

Lack of a Clear Call to Action

Your website may have the best content and deliver what the visitor wants and yet you still lose the visitor without getting your most wanted response because of lack of a clear call to action. Most websites have poor conversion rates because the call to action is not clear or visible easily. Visitors don’t want to think or look harder to know exactly what to do next.

Poor Navigation

Poor navigation makes it hard for visitors to find what they want and they eventually leave frustrated. Navigation that is not intuitive, clear and consistent is likely to confuse visitors and make them work too hard to find their way around the website. If they can’t find what they want soon enough, they leave your website.

Cluttered Pages

Trying to fit everything into a single page creates a cluttered page, which is not visually appealing, is confusing and unreadable. Just like the effect of walking into a cluttered room has, finding a cluttered page makes users clock to other pages or away from the website. Appropriate use of images and breaking large chunks of text with white spaces improves usability.

Poor Content Layout

Content layout refers to the organization of content on a page. Given that most people scan rather than read information on web pages, offering too much content on a single web page without sub headings, bullet points and white space puts off visitors since they prefer scanning to find what they want rather than reading through long pages of text.

Color and Contrast

If the text color does not have the appropriate contrast with the background, it becomes hard to read the text and this means an unpleasant experience for the visitors who are more likely to leave rather than struggle to read the information on the website. Ensuring the text is readable reduces bounce rates and increases conversion rates.

The best way to avoid these common web design mistakes is to focus on usability and the user’s experience and provide a way for the visitor to find what they want easily and have a pleasant experience. Most websites have these mistakes because the designer places priority on expressing their creativity and style instead of focusing on what the visitor will want.



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