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Design, Web design / 02 Jul 2017
Creative Design for the Corporate Clients

Competitive Globalization

Increase in International Integrity as a result of globalization has increased competition in International as well as the domestic market for all the Industries. The need of the hour is to adopt best practices and do something different from the usual track so that the Organization can maintain their place in the market. The only solution to this is to be creative and this gives these Organizations a formula to survive: “Creativity is the father of Innovation” i.e. Creativity leads to Innovation.

Darwin’s theory

According to Darwin’s theory, only those people are able to survive which changes due to nature. The same theory applies in the corporate world also. Every Organization has to change their strategy and adopt something new and creative to stay connected with their customer base so that they can survive in the market as per the change in Market demands.

MNC’s Approaches

Organizations have to adopt creativity in their every step because only then they will be different from the other Market Competitors. MNC’s and other big organizations usually have their own creative departments but still, they look for other Organizations who are specialized in providing Creativity Services like Logo Design, Slogan Design, Application and Website design, marketing, User Surveys etc.

All Multinational Organizations even design their tagline and Logo by targeting their customer base like Unilever has the Tagline of “Feel good, look good, and get more out of life” and even this Tagline would have been designed by their customer base the Group of Specialists who did a lot of Surveys and Research to design this Tagline. There are a lot of Organizations which changed their logo like CocaCola, Microsoft, Volkswagen etc to connect more effectively to their customer base. Some Organizations even changed their Tagline like Ford’s “Drive One” to “Go Further” to do the same. These changes by an Organization are not done in a single day or night but behind this, a lot of professionals are sitting who have done a lot of research to do that.

Facilities Provided by the Companies

There are a lot of companies in the market which provide the facility of providing all round creativity and development to Organizations, this has really became very helpful to the Startups who don’t have specialized Employees to do this type of stuff and these type of Creative design providers like: Pentagram, Landor etc provide them facility of Logo design, Website design, App design, Tagline design etc which provides them strength to survive in such a competitive market.

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