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Web design / 02 Jul 2017
Elements of Good Website Design

After visitors find your website, what determines whether they stay and come back again or they leave immediately is the experience your website gives them. Apart from providing the information users want, you need to offer them an attractive and memorable experience that will make them want to come back. To succeed in turning visitors into customers, you will need to have effective web design. Here are the elements of a good web design that you will need to keep in mind to have an effective website:


An effective website that offers visitors an easy to use experience is easy to navigate and find what one wants, has easy to read text and loads quickly. The website should also provide the information that the visitor is looking for so that they leave satisfied. The images should not be too large and the website should not be such that it is too difficult to find what one wants. By choosing a professional and skilled web designer, they should be able to come up with an easy to use website that satisfies your visitors in all aspects.

Color and Contrast

Just like colors have meaning and effects on the mood, the color scheme you choose has an impact on website visitors and you should choose one that communicates the message you want to deliver. The colors you choose for your website should be consistent with the logo, other elements of the website design and the message you want to send to your website visitors. This consistency ensures effective communication of the message you want to give your target customers. The appropriate contrast between the text and background enhances readability.


An easy to navigate site has easy to understand and use navigation buttons and bars throughout the entire website. They should be uncluttered, easy to locate and have clear text. It ensures that visitors find where they want to go and find the information they are looking for easily. For large websites with a lot of pages, having a site map and/or a search box also makes it easy for visitors to find what they want.

General Design

An effective general design should have pages that load quickly, have an appropriate resolution and appropriate page layout to ensure readability and usability. For content, using subheadings, paragraphs, bullet points and white space enhances readability and prevents clutter. The design should be consistent throughout the website so as not to confuse visitors.

Visual Design

This refers to the look and feel of the website. Aspects of visual design include the logo, fonts, layout, white space and theme. Using a color scheme and theme that is appropriate for the topic of your website and consistent with the purpose of the site is the best way to communicate with visitors and ensure a pleasant user experience.

Text and Links

The text should be easy to read, be the right size, offer information in a clear manner and have the appropriate contrast with the background to ensure readability. The links should be underlined and in an appropriate color for easy identification for users. The link text should describe clearly what the page linked to is about.

Good website design not only attracts new visitors but also retains them reducing the bounce rate and improving the conversion rates. Keeping in mind how users browse websites and making usability a priority is the best way to design websites that satisfy users and deliver the desired results for the business owner.

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