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App Design, Design / 02 Jul 2017
How to choose the right kind of mobile app for designing

Mobile app designing is going to be the next big business. This is the reason why many youngsters are looking to embark on developing mobile apps. Obviously, 2.5 billion smartphone users make quite a lucrative target market.

Well, there are many basics that one needs to understand before designing a mobile app.

Here is what you need to know about mobile apps before you start designing them.

  1. Understand what is native app?

A native app is also known as mobile specific app. It utilizes a language specific for an operating system. For example an iOS app would require SWIFT and a Window app would need C#. Creating a native app, means designer would have to create multiple copies of an app for different operating systems, according to their requirements. Native app usually doesn’t need connectivity for running.

  1. What is a web app?

A web app is written in languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It definitely requires a browser and a connectivity to run. Web app can also run on a smartphone but it can miss certain privileges of native apps.

  1. What is a hybrid app?

As the name indicates, a hybrid app is the combination of web app and native app. It can utilize the web technology to run a native app. Still, they are not a common in smartphones.

  1. What is advantage of native app

Usually, designers prefer a native app to increase the usability. The reason is that they are specific to the system and can be found in play store of OSes. Not, all the users have access to the internet. Native apps remain very helpful, in case a user loses the connectivity. This is the reason why many emergency apps that aim at providing rescue services to the victims are always native apps. Designing a native app can be useful in regard that it gives a chance to hit the target audience who is not privileged to access the fast connectivity.

  1. What is the right kind of app to design?

It all depends upon your motive for app designing. If you already have a target audience in the mind then design an app accordingly. It all depends on the nature of the offering and mechanism of making money through that app. Otherwise, you can also keep in mind your budget and ease of working to choose between the right kind.

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