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Design / 02 Jul 2017
How to Select a Design Agency

A designing agency has a heated competition in the market, with marketers growing very rapidly to promote their service. Even the figures that own website(s) rise very rapidly – it would really show an exponential growth if one were to draw a graph of the year vs the users. You must have a plan beforehand of how your website should look like, and what function it’ll have. Here, I will discuss ten steps to select a good designing agency:


Agency may not agree with your budget (as is often the case with the newbies), so, see if the agency is flexible enough to round off the price around your budget itself

SEO friendly

The content should have adherence to SEO friendly compatibility.

Graphic friendly

If you require to post videos, and videos are the primary source to lure your audience to your site, then make sure that your website has a good design to add some additional attractions other than your website itself.


Discuss the feature you want to see on your website, this should include how you want to see your website as.

Ask about past project

Asking past projects from the agency may reassure with the execution.

ADs friendly

Ask the agency to have an interactive ad section in the page, especially if you earn from it in your daily life.

Widgets and plugins

If you are a blogger, you’d most likely need a format of wordpress or blogger. Discuss with the agency to make a beautiful site which would add a beauty to your writing.


Ask the agency to be flexible with choosing a good hosting at a cheaper rate. Well, it really depends on your requirement though. How much bandwidth you need, how much data you need to upload the files – to say some.

Agency’s flexibility

If you are a beginner you might want to change your website’s look at some time: ask the agency whether it is flexible enough to do the changes if required to do so.


If the website doesn’t look as you had asked the agency to design like: ask the designer whether it can be held accountable for the things it did or didn’t do. If your requirement is complex then the probability of error in the plan increases, especially if the agency is just getting started in the market – unaware of the requirements of remote users.

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