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Design, Web design / 02 Jul 2017
Learning Web Design At School – Pros And Cons

Many schools, colleges and universities are now offering course in web design and web development. If you have the time and money, then going to school could be the perfect way for you to learn all the skills required to start your career as a web designer. Just like anything else, there are pros and cons to going back to school, which we will now cover.


  • You are being taught by a person, meaning if you need something explaining in a different way for you to understand, you have the tutor right there.
  • You will be surrounded by like-minded people, all of whom are looking to be the best at what they do, giving you the chance to share ideas.
  • There is a pre-set curriculum to stick to, meaning you will be forced to stick to deadlines, which is a must if you lack self-motivation.


  • Most courses at schools are full time, therefore hindering your ability to continue working in your existing job, if you have one.
  • Attending school is usually more expensive than any other methods of learning, which may mean it is simply impossible for you to do.
  • You will be learning at a pre-set pace, meaning if you are a quick learner, you could be held back. On the other hand, if you are a slow learner, you may struggle to keep up.

Whilst schools often offer the most support, and if you’re lucky enough to get into a higher ranking school, this may open up opportunities to you that would be otherwise unavailable. There are many drawbacks to studying at school, that could mean you opt for other learning resources.

If you have the time and money to be able to attend school full time, then this could be the easiest, most direct route into web design. If not, then you could always look at online courses, distance learning and even self-teaching.

There are plenty of resources on the internet for you to gain all the skills required for web design, without ever having to part with a single penny, however the lack of a formal qualification or degree, may hinder your chances of getting that job.

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