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Design, Web design / 02 Jul 2017
Pros and Cons of Single Page Website

For marketing any business from a small petty shop to big shopping malls, a unique website is needed for promotion. Since everyone is engaged online today, it is easy to market your business having your own attractive website.

Website with one page is gaining more popularity now. One page website uses a single HTML page to display the entire site. Single page website is also called as Single Page Interface, Single page Applications or parallax scrolling website since visitors has to scroll through a single page to know about your website detail. Let us discuss in detail about Pros and Cons of Single Page Website.


Easy to maintain

Yes, of course, it is easy for anyone to maintain a single page. It is easy for you to control the flow of information in a linear fashion. It is as simple as for your visitors to know about your business more.

More Quality than Quantity

Since you have to promote your business through your single page website, you will focus on simplified quality content, which will attract your visitors.

Websites with less text

If your website holds only little bit of information to share with your visitors, then parallax website layout is the best one to choose.

Easy for Mobile users

A majority of the people are using the internet from their mobile phones. One page web offers an easy and enjoyable experience to android phone users. They just have to scroll through the website to read the information they need.

Image friendly

In single page website, you can place a lot of images. If your website needs more images than words than the one-page site is the best option for you without any confusion.


Not a perfect choice for blogging

If you are a blogger and you earn through what you write, it is not your cup of tea to drink. If you are an online tutor, who provides materials online to your students, single page website may not be the right layout for you.

More time to load

Since your website has so much of information and images in a single page, definitely it will take a longer time to load.

Social media sharing becomes difficult

If you want to share specific information, through social media like Facebook or twitter, it will be difficult. It’s because all of your content on various topics lies in a single page.

Just single URL

For your whole website, you will have just one single URL, which will reduce your Google analytics and negative impact on your SEO. Fewer keywords in SEO search engine.

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