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Branding, Design / 02 Jul 2017
The Importance of Having a Good Corporate Identity for Your Business

Corporate identity refers to the physical image of your brand and includes the logo, website, letterhead, business cards, look and feel, social media and tone of communication. It also reflects the culture and personality of your business to the outside world. It gives them a sense of who you are and gives outsiders a way to identify your brand. It portrays the image you want to send out there about your business.

Every business has an image but not every company has a good one. Aspects of a good corporate design include an effective and professional logo, color scheme and typography that send a positive image about the company’s brand, quality, culture and community. These aspects are applied in the business cards, letterheads, packaging and other written communication forms and should be uniform and consistent across all marketing efforts and customer touch points.

A strong and consistent corporate identity is an intangible asset that gives any business a professional image whether a small, medium or large business. Here are some of the benefits of having a good corporate identity. They signify the importance of investing in one.

Enhances Brand Recognition and Memory

People remember things better whether there is a visual aid. Your company’s image creates the first impression that people use to make assumptions about your brand. A uniform and consistent corporate identity enhances the brand identity, memory and recognition whenever people see the image your company has. This increases trust, enhances customer loyalty and results into increased sales. It also strengthens your brand identity in the mind of your target customers.

Inspires Confidence

Most people trust and are loyal to brands with a professional image that inspires confidence. By investing resources in developing a strong and consistent corporate identity, it assures your target customers that your company is there to stay. It shows that you care about your company’s image, and inspires confidence in your business because it is clear that you want to succeed and they can rely on your company for goods or services.

Provides a Competitive Edge

Having a good corporate identity gives you an edge over your competitors. Your target customers can identify and remember you better than they can remember your competitors. They also trust and become loyal to your brand. Similarly, a poor image will hurt your business in the face of stiff competition in your industry. By ensuring that the company’s image is a strength rather than a weakness, it becomes easier to achieve goals and objectives.

Influences Brand Perception

The first thing people notice about your company or brand is the image. They use this image to make assumptions about the products and services you offer and decide whether they want to engage with you. Having a good corporate identity will influence brand perception in a positive way, increase customer awareness and result into increased sales.

To attract your target customers, your image needs to be attractive and inspiring confidence. It also needs to be memorable in order to create a lasting impression. It is, therefore, essential to control the image and message your business is sending to your target customers in form of your corporate identity by analyzing the different aspects and improving on any weaknesses in order to have the best corporate identity design. This is the best way to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

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