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Design, Web design / 02 Jul 2017
Top 5 Web Design Trends of 2017

Day by Day web designs are becoming trendier. This may be because of increased website users and healthy competition between the web designers. They have to show their strength and creativity in their Designing. Let us move to expected top 5 web design trends of 2017

Conversational User Interface (UI)

Now a day, to know better about the products, people interact directly with companies through customer service executives. Apart from reviews, they tend to chat or message with the previous customers of the company to know better about the products and services provided. For this conversation Many UI platforms such as Slack, FB Messenger or We Chat are helpful. Even companies have their own apps for UI purpose. Therefore Conversational User Interface will be one of the most trending web designs of this year for sure.

Animation Friendly

Animations are an evergreen web design trend, which will always attract the people of all ages. Blockbuster movies are now coming in the form of animation and revenue they are generating is huge. Even words are being animated to make a great impact for the readers to come back to their site for more fun.

Next target of animation designers is students. Study materials are generated in animated forms to attract students. This type of learning platform is most wanted of this era. So, the animation will be one of the prominent and more refined web designs of 2017.

Unique Layout Designs

Layout plays important role in web design trends. New layouts are emerging each year with various unique features embedded in them. People started to like asymmetric and broken layouts instead of the symmetric and classical layout of the past. It is a great challenge for the web designers to present content to the readers in an innovative way.

Boxy layouts and broken grid layouts are becoming fancier than ever. Content led websites may continue to use symmetric layout. Some brands need to experiment different layouts to increase their popularity and to give a unique experience to their customers.

Authentic Photography

Photography always plays important role in maintaining the brand of the website to a higher level. People desire authenticity from the brands they are going to purchase. Photography which they see on the company website should match what they are going to purchase. Authentic Photography will surely attract more consumers to the particular brand. Real-time proofs are amazon, eBay and so on.

Rich Typography for trendy Home Page

Web designers sometimes focus more on typography used on their site. Many different times of typeface are used in recent times. The entire internet is dominated by some typography such as Open Sans, Lato or Roboto. It is believed rich typography is needed to show the richness of the brand. Decorative typefaces are used frequently in headlines.

Designers have made a variety of effects, images and videos placed on them. As a website reader, we have to encourage designers to come up with new trendy typography.

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