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Advertising, Marketing / 02 Jul 2017
Top Five Effective Web Site Marketing Strategies

The Internet world is forever changing. Some marketing strategies that were effective before may not be as effective now. Still, there are those techniques that never fail and new ones that your business will want to take advantage in order to achieve the results you want and improve your online marketing and advertising effectiveness. Here are five strategies to concentrate your efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even in 2013, search engine optimization remains the most effective way to drive visitors to your website. Most people rely on search engines to find information and conduct research before buying products and services. SEO is an effective way to find new customers online, as it ensures that your company’s website appears at the top of search engine results. Use your best keywords to improve your search engine rankings but be careful not to engage in dishonest SEO practices that can get your website dropped or punished by the search engines. This year is all about honest SEO practices that involve offering valuable information to your visitors but using good keywords to rank highly and get found. Combined with these other marketing strategies, your SEO campaign should be very effective.

Social Media

The social media hype is justified because social media marketing delivers results. It is the best way to connect with both existing and potential customers. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others to interact with customers, listen to their concerns and improve your brand identity. If you have a product coming up, use social media to create awareness. If you have promotional campaigns, social media allows you to improve their effectiveness. After all, you already have a loyal and receptive following.

Video Marketing

Closely related to social media marketing is the use of videos on video sharing sites. If you use video marketing for your business, you know how effective this is in connecting with your target audience and promoting your offering. It is a way to build trust with your visitors. The most popular video marketing site is YouTube and any business that wants to succeed online needs to have an active YouTube channel.

Pay Per Click Advertisements (PPC)

Have you tried pay per click advertisement for your business? PPC search engine advertising is the most targeted and therefore effective form of paid advertising online. It is the best because it delivers your message to people already interested in and searching for what you offer. It gives you unlimited control of the message and targeting and delivers results fast. Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are the best way to get your offerings out there before your target customers.

Email Marketing and Newsletter

Email marketing involves collecting visitors email addresses to generate a list for sending regular email newsletters. It is an effective tool for gaining first time customers and interacting with existing ones to increase retention. It provides a way to connect with both existing and potential customers on a regular basis. For it to be effective, you need an enticing offer to get people to subscribe to your newsletter and valuable information that you offer through your newsletter to keep them signed in and increase conversion rates and increased sales. You also have to send regular newsletters for the campaign to be effective.

These are some of the best website marketing and online advertising strategies to concentrate on in order to meet your goals and objectives. If done right, these activities will translate into more visitors, more sales and more revenue for your business.

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