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Design, Web design / 02 Jul 2017
Top Reasons and Benefits to Go Mobile with Your Website

How does your website look when viewed on a mobile phone? Do visitors find it easy to use and easy to navigate? Do they have a pleasant experience or do they leave disappointed? Given that more and more people are using their phones to access the web and mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage in a few years, having a mobile website is a wise move.

However, mobile web development requires financial investment. You will definitely need to do a cost benefit analysis to determine whether it is worth going mobile. To help you with the benefits side, here are some of the reasons why going mobile is a wise investment.

Reach More Customers

Over one billion people in the world have mobile internet access. This means that some if not most of your target customers use mobile phones to surf the web. Accessing internet on the mobile phone is also convenient especially when on the go because of the portability and connectivity. Most people search for information about places to visit, shop, eat and access certain services. By having a mobile website, you are ready for these visitors with the right information and a great experience that will lead them to your business.

Source of Competitive Advantage

Just as a bad mobile experience can drive customers to your competition, so does offering the best mobile usability give you an edge over your competitors. Having a mobile friendly website gives you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors who are yet to go mobile. Visitors will have a great user experience on your site, which will make them browse for more information and even convert into customers. It shows that you are innovative. Offering a good mobile experience is a sign of innovativeness that will help you stay ahead of competition.

Potential for Increased Sales

Up to now, visitors reaching your website through their mobile phone have probably bounced because of the poor user and navigation experience. By offering a positive experience and an easy to navigate site on phone, you can turn these visitors into customers and increase sales. When customers have a positive experience and find what they are looking for easily, they are much more likely to stay on your website and purchase something. Even if you have a mobile application, people prefer researching and shopping through a mobile site.

Consistent User Experience

When visitors come to your website through their computer and laptops, they have a great experience because you have invested resources to make the website a great experience. After this awesome experience, they come to like your brand and company. If they visit your website through their phones and have an unpleasant experience, this will hurt their perception of your brand. They will leave disappointed. New customers will not want to do business with your company if they have a bad mobile website experience.

Engage With Your Customers

With a mobile website, you can offer mobile friendly features such as a ready click and call phone number. It is also a great way to profit from local search and get found by people who are looking for products and services in your location especially if they are visitors.

While developing a mobile website for your business will cost you money, these five reasons show that this investment is worthwhile. Other than that, mobile internet is inevitable and is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage in the coming years. By having an effective mobile website, you will be able to benefit from these factors and be ready for the future. If you are looking for a way to improve your web presence and make the most out of your website, you will find that going mobile will be the best investment you will make.

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