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Design, Web design / 02 Jul 2017
Why Your Website needs a story

When you work on a website for a living or does a part time job in a website – and you respect the website, or suppose your website is a reputed one (if not already). To gain a good traffic to your website, a story telling of your website is a must to ensure your audience of the genuinely; good contents are extras in scoring. A science writer should tell their readers about their background in education, and how good they are in the field by showing awards and certificates – just to confirm the authenticity of their website.

Importance of Content

A story in “about the page” adds an attraction of being a well-format page. An e-commerce website should mention about their products and their origin, i.e., where it is situated, etc., and how many staffs it has worked in the manoeuvre, also, how many days the staffs are working, especially if it offers home delivery: to reassure people of the home delivery under a good time frame. Similarly, any business-type website should talk about the things it could to ensure people of the reality. It helps them to lay their shoulders in reliance with the website.

Aspects of Web contents

If you are an owner of a website which is notable for hosting events; consider astrophotography, now a website that organizes astrophotography must tell the stories of their events, such as what kind of telescopes they used for stargazing, and how many people participated in the last event – it helps the organizer to get more audience, provided the website gets more exposure.Now a storytelling actually can be anything that benefits the general public. Posting more achievements help the consumers of an e-commerce to buy more products on lesser at stake.

Benefits of web story

A researcher sharing their personal struggle in the field helps the aspiring to tackle their way. There are many ways a researcher, who writes on a website could benefit the readers. A reader might get his questions answered with the comments he/she had asked before in a post.

A business site doesn’t really share much of the information about software of the website, as it may be exploited by other techies, but a successful one may offer its story of how it became big as it is now, successful business owners usually share their motivation and their story about how the business became big through medias.

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